My passion is the art of hosting, either by passing amuses-bouches among guests or putting together a beautiful buffet.


It’s not just food, it’s also scouting for tableware in flea markets, choosing beautiful french linen from antique shops, sharing cutlery and hand-made platers from small shops, using sustainable and elegant packaging, assembling big bouquets of fresh herbs and offering impeccable service.


Cooking what I like to eat, choosing vegetable from the market, creating elegant family style meals, modern home made dishes, delicate amuses-bouches, dressing big platers of salads with condiments from Japan, sprinkling toasted spices from the middle-east on fresh fish, making tortillas to wrap succulent pulled pork, adding salty vanilla caramel to goat ricotta ice cream, or making the best cookies ever for an afternoon goûter is my pride.


And when I am not putting together an event, I am in my kitchen, inviting my friends over, or grilling a whole chicken in the fire place.


I am based in Paris, but happy to travel to you.


Sharing good food is my daily joy.